“How determined are you to improve your life” –
let me coach you and accelerate your life




“Coach Zondra can help you get out of your slump and restart your engine towards a New you”

What is a Life Coach?

A Trained professional in life coaching techniques, a trusted and confidential
partner who helps individuals:

  • Identify what you want and need to accomplish
  • Help bring about effective change
  • A partner to help implement Your life plan
  • Objective-driven results, with actionable steps
  • Non-judgmental and solution focused
  • Helps clients turn problems into opportunities
  • Encourage people to think and create “Win-Win” scenarios in their life
  • How to live a full and complete life
  • How to manifest your greatness
  • How to Bring out the Best in You
I am NOT :
  • Therapist
  • Consultant
  • Mentor

What Makes Coaching So Powerful?

I help clients discover choices:

“In the journey of life, we always have a choice. Those who don’t believe this or forget it fall “Victim” to life’s circumstances. In each moment learn to choose how you want to experience life. Your response dictates how you will recover from life situations. “The Greatest Freedom is the Freedom of Choice”

What are the benefits?
  • Change life’s obstacles into opportunities
  • Becoming a Leader of your Life
  • Improved Self Awareness
  • Increased Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Life direction and purpose identified
  • How to walk in your life’s purpose Now!
  • Learning to celebrate your life
What should you expect from your sessions?
  • Increased awareness of your choices
  • Less Mind Chatter
  • Improved confidence
  • Peace of Spirit
  • A sense of relief
  • A Happier you…
What will you gain?
  • An unbiased partner, committed to your dreams, goals and aspirations
  • A partner who challenges your thoughts, ideas and concepts
  • Increased focus and energy for a positive result
  • Better understanding of your life’s purpose
  • Support in accomplishing your goals
  • An accountability partner who holds you responsible to your desired plans and goals
  • Higher awareness about your life
  • Help you to live the life that YOU want to live now
  • And last but not least you will be empowered, motivated and inspired to live your life now!