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About Coach Zondra

Zondra has over 35 years working in corporate environments in various roles, where I have been able to utilize my corporate leadership experience to help new and aspiring leaders to develop their unique leadership style.  I also have extensive background on how to build, manage and grow business relationships quickly to accelerate your sales cycle.   Personally, I have experienced many life transitions that have taught me that it is not what happens in life, but more importantly “How you respond”.  I am a Professional Life, Leadership, and Transition Coach.  I help people develop goals and strategies to achieve their personal dreams and life aspirations.  I would like to tell you a little story: I have always been the type of person to work everything out on my own, however I had the opportunity to meet for 3 month’s with a life coach. This was such an amazing experience that help me solidify in my mind my true purpose and that the blocks that I was experiencing “we’re only in my head”  Life coaching helped me feel extremely confident and more in control of my destiny by establishing a new mindset on how to address perceived barriers to my success.


More About Coach Zondra

I’ve always believed that life is a journey and it’s all about how you walk it out… Most of us have not made the connection with “Who you are and why you are here”. What is your real purpose in life??? If you struggle with the answer to this question, know that you are not the only person left scratching their head… I am known for assisting women in identifying their life purpose and removing blocks in their life so it is easier to manifest their personal greatness, appreciate their life and more importantly learn to celebrate YOU along life’s path. (Contact me today for your Free Coaching Session.)

I am also a Motivational Speaker and is the creator of “It’s All About You” CD which is hailed as the motivational basic training for personal and professional growth in achieving your mission in life. She is also a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills and personal growth.

Zondra’s philosophy is that it takes a comprehensive plan to meet your personal and professional goals. And, that with great discipline, hard work and commitment to your purpose, your goals and aspirations are just a step away… Zondra’s revitalizing messages makes her the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining seminars, lunches, and partner programs.

My specialty:

I am a professional life, leadership and transition coach who specializes in assisting women with:

One goal in mind : To fulfill your dreams, goals, and aspirations in life